One Year Later

The trail is very much still with me.

I can still pull detailed pictures of the green tunnel in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The vistas in Virginia still visit me at random during the day. And the history of West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania remind me that I walked in the foot steps of the great men and women of America’s past.

A unique White Blaze between Big Bald and Erwin


Including hiker trash.

I was on the trail for 77 days, and hiked a total of 1101.7 miles plus 8. I hiked with reckless abandonment. Almost catching hypothermia outside of Hiawassee GA. Stress fracturing my foot going into Erwin TN, sliding and busting my hip outside of Newport VA. Bear encounters, stomach virus, sketchy hitches, lightning storms, all of this I endured on my trek. However Lyme disease and a heat stroke ended the journey too quick.

To tell this story I have to address one issue, and lay down some ground rules for this blog. The issue being, I was suicidal when starting the trail. I hope that reviling this not to seem as I am justifying some of my behavior, but only as a way to give context why in many ways I was so reckless on the trail.

As for the rules:

First off, I don’t want this blog to be about my issues. I avoided for the most part discussing them while on the trail and will do the same here. Properly following the first rule of Dirty Mick and the Boys “no talking about your feeling.”

Secondly, this will not be a tell all. There are a few stories I will not be sharing on the internet, that I would other wise tell face to face. That being said this will not be a censored account of trail life. There will be foul langue, drugs, and alcohol present in this blog. You have been warned.

And finally, I will not be using the actual trail names of the hikers I got to know personally. That is unless any of them request it of me.

My goal for this blog is two-fold:

First, as a way for me to reflect and relive the best 2 and a half months of my life and share it with all who care to read it.

Secondly, this blogs hopes to show how hiking the AT really is, for young hikers with in my age range, who stay in the bubble and have a limited budget.

I hope to publish a post every day for the next 77 days to tell my journey, and I hope you will follow along.

Thanks for reading!



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